Meet Our Team

Most of our team have worked together for several years and each of our consultants have developed extensive experience in areas of speech sound development, childhood developmental language disorders, speech dyspraxia/ childhood apraxia of speech, auditory processing, hearing impairment, developmental delays, cerebral palsy and autism.

Sue Park

Sue Park

Founding Director Principal Speech Patholodist

Angie France

Angie France

Senior Speech Pathologist

Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan

Speech Pathologist

Caitlin Lister

Caitlin Lister

Speech Pathologist

Davina Lo

Davina Lo

(UQ Student)

Sue Park: Founding Director
M.Sp.Path., B.Sp.Thy., MSPA;

Sue is the Founding Director of Speech Language & Learning which has been operating since 2004. She has over 40 years of experience working with a wide range of clients and in management positions. Speech Pathology positions held include the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Speech Pathologist In-Charge, Queensland Cerebral Palsy League, (now known as Choice Passion Life), the Pre-School for Deaf, Brisbane and CHI.L.D. Association/ The Glenleighden School (now known as Speech and Language Development Australia / SALDA) (Senior Speech Pathologist & Outreach Manager). Sue was also on the Board of Directors of CHI.L.D. Association/ SALDA from 2015 to 2018. She is a co-coordinator for the Speech Pathology Australia -Queensland Private Practice Network and sits on the executive of the Queensland branch of Speech Pathology Australia.

Sue Park Speech Pathologist

She is also on the panel of advisors for the Australian Catholic University Speech Pathology Department and the Griffith University Speech Pathology Post Graduate Advisory Panel.

Sue is highly experienced in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents who have speech and language delays and disorders, childhood apraxia of speech/ developmental verbal dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit and auditory processing disorders, oral motor, eating and drinking difficulties, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, neurological head injuries as well as literacy and learning difficulties. She has a particular interest in childhood apraxia as her Master’s degree research project was based on researching a program she has developed to facilitate speech and literacy development for these children from an early age.

In 2004, Sue was invited to consult and treat children with speech, language and literacy difficulties in some private schools, as she was starting her independent practice. This has continued and grown, with more schools acknowledging the assistance we can provide for children in educational settings, and our ability to network with teachers and support staff in understanding and supporting each individual student’s area of difficulties. She has developed a number of programs which reflect evidence-based research and these have become specific to SLL consultants, particularly in treating childhood apraxia of speech, developmental language disorders and severe literacy difficulties.

As the Australian trainers of a well-known, popular UK language program, the Derbyshire Language Scheme, Sue and Janet Eales (Learning Steps- see Our Network) have formed ‘Language Literacy and Learning’ to provide training and in-service to speech pathologists and other education and health professionals and parents wanting to use ‘the most popular commercially produced language program for children under 7 years in the UK ‘(Better Communication Research Project, 2008).

In 2013, Sue and Janet founded an app development company, called Language and Learning Steps, gaining entry into the University of Queensland / Uniquest iLab’s Germinate program where they developed their first language app, ‘Key Word Kids’. This app is a language program in an app as it reflects the principles of the Derbyshire Language Program, based on the notion of Key Words used in a sentence, that a child is required to understand or produce. They now have a 2nd app, called ‘Key Verbs with Steffy and James’ which helps children understand and use past tense action words appropriately. Both apps are very popular in Australia and in a range of English-speaking countries.

Angie France: Senior Consultant
B.Sp.Thy., MSPA;

Angie is our ‘much loved’ and ‘sought after’ Senior Consultant with SLL. She has over 16 years’ experience working as a Speech Pathologist, both in primary and secondary HealthCare, within the community, early childhood and kindy settings as well as in state and private school settings in urban, regional and rural Queensland and the UK. Angie worked with Sue at CHI.L.D. Association / Glenleighden and then worked in the UK. She was appointed manager of an Early Years Speech and Language Service in the UK and has extensive experience leading teams in Early Childhood settings and coordinating early intervention and prevention projects.

Angie France Speech Pathologist

Angie is highly experienced in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents who have speech and language delays and disorders, childhood apraxia of speech / developmental verbal dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit and auditory processing disorders, oral motor, eating and drinking difficulties, hearing impairment as well as literacy and learning difficulties. She has a particular interest in working with very young children, supporting their families and Early Childhood professionals but says she loves working in schools where she can make a difference for students, working alongside their teachers to achieve both speech language and educational goals so they can reach their potential.

Sarah Ryan: Consultant
B.Sp.Path (Hons ), MSPA

Sarah is an amazing team member and her contribution to SLL has been warmly welcomed, initially in a Full Time Locum position then as a Part-Time Consultant. She travelled and worked overseas from 2016 to 2018 but returned in 2019 to work as a part time consultant. Sarah graduated as valedictorian of her Therapy cohort, with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours 1) from the University of Queensland, completing research in the area of head injury following sporting accidents. She was awarded the Speech Pathology Australia Student Award for 2014. Sarah has additional certifications in BLADES language training, the Lidcombe Program for early stuttering and SALT language analysis and SOS feeding.

Sarah Ryan Speech Pathologist

She says she is passionate about early intervention for children & enjoys working with children in the areas of speech, language, literacy & fluency. Her particular areas of interest are paediatric brain injury & paediatric feeding/swallowing.

Sarah has had experience in working in regional and rural Queensland working alongside other health professionals & schools to offer Speech Pathology services to families & their children. In this role, Sarah also worked with indigenous children and their families. She loves working with children & their families to empower them to be effective communicators.

Caitlin Lister: Consultant
M.Sp.Path (Hons ), B.H. Sc., MSPA

Caitlin was enthusiastically welcomed to our team in 2019. She graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science from Griffith University, before returning to study speech pathology. She graduated with a Master of Speech Pathology, having been awarded the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence. During this time, she worked extensively with students from prep to year 10 as a tutor, developing their skills in reading, comprehension and writing.

Caitlin is passionate about working with children in the areas of speech, language and literacy. In particular, she enjoys working with school aged children to help them achieve the best result in the classroom.

Caitlin Lister Speech Pathologist

Caitlin has had experience working with schools and early childhood services in both Queensland and NSW. She has also gained experience working in rural communities with schools and hospitals to delivery speech pathology services to children of all ages and their families. Caitlin has additional certifications in Key Word Sign, SALT language analysis software, supporting children’s language and narrative skills (MindWing), as well as speech, literacy and language programs unique to us at Speech Language and Learning.

Davina has joined us as a student experience placement in a voluntary capacity, usually assisting on a Saturday morning. We enjoy having her with us!