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Professional Speech Pathology websites:

Speech Pathology Australia
Dr Caroline Bowen

Government websites:

Medicare: SPA’s information about Medicare items for Complex and Chronic Conditions
Helping Children with Autism (HCWA): SPA’s information about the Helping Children with Autism package
HCWA – Department of Social Services
ATSIC: Follow-up Allied Health Services for People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – some areas of QLD 2016: NDIS website

Other Funding Sources:

Private Health Funds:
Carers: Carer Allowance – Department of Human Services
National Australian Defence Force Academy Family Health program: Assistance is available to families for allied health services

Our Resources- Apps/ Training:

Language and Learning Steps:
Key Word Kids app:
Key Verbs with Steffy & James app:

Looking for App Recommendations?

The Learning App Guide (Bronwyn Sutton) :
Dr Kristy Goodwin:
Academics’ Choice:

Blogs suited to parents:

Speech Pathology in UK (Helen Gunner):
Talking Matters (Adelaide, Australia):
Teach Me to Talk website (USA):

Facebook pages: Language and Learning Steps

Voluntary Support is provided to:

Aus Aid- Australian Volunteers International
The Happy Home and Sujit Kumar (Suva, Fiji)
The Trinh Foundation (Speech Pathology in Vietnam)
The Integrate Asia Pacific: