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Speech Language Services
Our Process

Speech Pathology Services

Assessment can be completed for children and adolescents in a wide range of areas. Choice of assessment tools will depend on the presenting issues that have been described on referral.

Once referred, Kym, our Client Care Manager, will assist with the referral process. Parents are asked to complete online referral forms and background questions to confirm an appointment for the initial consultation. Choice of assessment tools will depend on the reason for referral.

Observation and assessment could focus on one or more areas such as speech sound development, understanding and use of language, literacy, including phonological awareness, fluency, eating and swallowing, voice quality, accent, and social communication skills. A feedback session is usually organised following the assessment to discuss results and recommendations from these with a plan for moving forward. A written report is provided.

Therapy sessions if required, are timetabled for regular attendance before school, during the day or after school. We do like parents to sit in during therapy and assessment where possible.

Clayfield Speech Pathology Clinic
Speech Language Learning Brighton

Consultations are available in multiple locations:

Our main Clayfield Rooms are now at 11-12 /696 Sandgate Road, (Entry via The Clayfield Centre, Level 2 Carpark, Drane Street).

We can also see you at our Brighton rooms, located at @GPsBrighton cnr Nathan & Craig Streets. This year we are able to offer sessions on a Friday.

Or, we can see you in our Client Schools – please check with our Client Care Manager, Kym.

In School Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists work regularly from a small number of private schools in Brisbane by invitation. Here, students may be referred to us via their Class Teacher, Learning Support Teacher or School management, so they may attend our services within the school during the school day. The benefits of this are the convenience of parents not having to travel and attend therapy after school hours, and the ability of the therapist to regularly liaise with class teachers and learning support teachers, to be aware of and directly support the student’s classroom learning.

We can discuss a teacher’s concerns directly with them before commencing an assessment.  Parents are invited to attend sessions where they can fit this around any possible work commitments. Following the assessment, an appointment is arranged to provide feedback at school with relevant school staff and parents. If therapy is recommended, parents may choose for this to be provided at school, at a time which suits the class teacher, outside of core teaching time. Students are collected by the therapist and returned following sessions until they can do this independently (usually Grade 2-3) depending on individual circumstances.

Kindy Speech Therapy

By special arrangement, we are available for early childhood and school visits to consult and support our regular clients, through observation, liaison with professional staff regarding support strategies and joint goal setting. Fees will be according to time spent for this service. We may also be available to provide ongoing school therapy support in the school if there are a few students needing support.

Research shows that Telehealth can offer viable and evidence-based therapy for families who are able to attend for an initial assessment, but not attend on a regular basis. We can provide follow-up therapy via online conferencing and keep continuity of therapy sessions for families who are unable to travel to sessions, eg regional, rural or overseas.

Following the Social Isolation requirements with COVID19 in March 2020, our services have been offered and provided via Telehealth. We are now offering both face to face AND Telehealth sessions to families where this has been accepted as a preferred option going forward. Our team has worked efficiently to ensure our programs are equally accessible in our online sessions. For some children, face to face will remain the best option.

Online Speech Therapy

Medicare (EPC / CDM / HCWA) / NDIS Plan / Private Health

Our consultants, as certified practicing members of Speech Pathology Australia are currently registered to provide Medicare funded EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) services and we are registered for providing NDIS Plan Managed and Self Managed. We are also registered with DSS Professional Panel to support clients through the HCWA. We now use Medipass for direct payments.

NDIS Speech Pathology
NDIS Speech Pathologist